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Maskne is Happening. Here’s How to Combat it.

Maskne is Happening. Here’s How to Combat it.
As if we hadn't had enough skin concerns on our plate with hormonal breakouts, stress, Uv damage, premature aging, etc… Now we have to worry about our very efforts to stay safe in a global pandemic causing a new kind of breakout… maskne (mask+acne). This is due to a moist environment from our breath and sweat under the mask, trapping bacteria and keeping it close to the face, sitting in our pores and wreaking havoc. Heed these suggestions to keep these problems at bay.


Cotton or silk only, please.

First and foremost, ditch the synthetic fibers. Polyester etc, only makes us sweat more, and doesn’t allow for much ventilation. We’re essentially plastic-wrapping oil, excess moisture, sweat, and makeup for a masterfully disgusting medley on the surface of our skin. One can only imagine our sad little pores doth protest. Stick with cotton for breathability, or even better—silk. It’s also breathable and so smooth on the skin that it doesn’t contribute to any inflammation or chafing.


Skip makeup under the mask.

No one is saying you shouldn’t go for a full eye look—maybe a dramatic winged liner or some fluttery lashes—but foundation? Contour? Concealer? Bronzer? Not necessary under the mask. First of all, no one will see it, and secondly, it will gunk up your masks and add layers of grime to the issue at hand! If we have to wear a mask for an extended period of time, keep the makeup application to where it matters, and bring concealer to-go if you need touch ups upon arrival of an event or destination.


Get a colloidal silver mist.

Colloidal silver is essentially nature’s antibiotic—meaning it is super powerful against harmful bacteria. Get a facial grade colloidal silver mist and mist your face in between mask wearings if you must take it on and off throughout the day, and be sure to mist the mask itself. This kills harmful bacteria and prevents the spread of unwanted junk underneath your mask. This is a just a harmless hack, it could help some and does not hurt to try if you have access to it in case it may help you.  


Double cleanse 

Make sure to double cleanse especially if you are wearing makeup, first with an oil cleanser or balm, and then follow with a gentle foaming or gel cleanser to really make sure you’ve rid yourself of all bacteria, makeup, sweat, oils, and moisture from the mouth. Start by massaging dry skin thoroughly with a cleansing oil or balm, massaging deeply yet gently. Wipe it away with a warm soft washcloth, then apply oil directly to the washcloth, massaging the skin again. Rinse, and follow with the foam or gel cleanser before finishing up with the rest of your regular skincare routine.


Make sure to exfoliate.

We certainly don’t want to over-exfoliate, that offers its own slew of problems. However, we definitely don’t want to skip this step each week, as it helps to purge harmful bacteria and dead skin before it has a chance to settle into pores and create breakouts and blackheads under our masks. Try a gentle peeling pad at least twice a week, or opt for a glycolic toner. On a day you don’t use the toner or pads, apply a clay mask for extra drawing power, and follow with a moisturizer.