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Elevate the way guests sanitize

Delight your guests with premium vegan hand sanitizer that is not sticky and is easy to distribute in individual bottles. Add your logo to the bottle and make it a gift they will remember.

Meet the Sunsimaya Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera + Vitamin E

  • Soothing & Hydrating with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
  • 70 % Isopropyl Alcohol to kill 99.9% germs & bacteria. 
  • Refreshing & light mandarin citrus fragrance (unisex)
  • Plant  based and non sticky
  • Made in the USA according to the FDA guidelines at an FDA registered lab  

Large commercial orders fulfilled within weeks. 

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Things you must know about hand sanitizing

Before applying a new sanitizer product in your skin, learn what to look for:
1. Do not use anything with less than 60% alcohol, it is not effective as per the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
2. Avoid Methanol and harmful de-naturalizers, check the list of products the FDA recalled.
3. Stay Cruelty Free and Vegan, check the source of the glycerin as it is often animal based.
4. Avoid Parabens, Sulfates and Synthetic dyes, they are preservatives, detergents and paint type of chemicals that often triggers for skin reactions.

2020 brought a lot of challenges, Sunsimaya is committed to supporting your peace of mind with a safe and delightful sanitizing experience.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Durga Sunitha Posina, M.D. is a renowned board-certified physician in Internal Medicine in Stony Brook, New York that has been featured in several media. In addition to her expertise in internal medicine, Dr. Posina has completed significant training in dermatological procedures and treatments involving hyperpigmentation, acne, hair loss, and vitiligo.

The much-awaited launch of her extensively researched skincare line is a fusion of traditional eastern medicine with modern science. An amalgamation of love, purity, and science with maximum efficacy from Dr. Sunitha D Posina, “The Beauty Internist”.

Hosting people at an event, hotel, gym, school or office?

Give the gift of freshness and stay beautifully clean with this bright, mandarin citrus-scented sanitizer that doesn't leave a sticky feeling

Custom Logos

Personalized bottles with partner logos, a promotional item that guests will actually use

Premium ingredients

 Natural scents
Cruelty free 

No risks for sensitivities

Paraben free
Sulfate free
No synthetic dyes

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Adam Taylor

I am a photographer and have to be out and about all the time touching things. This was the first sanitizer that felt good after using it 3 -5 times in a day. I was actually getting reactions from the other brands all the way to swollen eyes and things like that and I tried MANY, even the expensive ones.


Love the smell, so gentle and it doesn't dry up my hands LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT 😍

Jen B

I like that it doesn't leave a sticky feeling and the perfume doesn't stay and multiply all day. They give us sanitizer at work but they smell like hospital or men's lotion and even after washing my hands the sensation of having it in my hands was there, it was awful I had to get my own. This one is really just cleaning and then disappearing after getting the job done, plus it is vegan.